Eight 2017 Facebook Ad Predictions

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Facebook(TM) Advertising Predictions

My EIGHT 2017 Facebook(TM) Advertising Predictions (and Marketing in General) Are you using FB Marketing in 2017? Want more? --> www.ssfmethod.com (no opt-in)

Posted by Scott Oldford on Thursday, December 29, 2016

- Scott Oldford, Founder of INFINITUS

Hey there, it's Scott Oldford of INFINITUS. We help entrepreneurs who want to grow their business do it profitability and in a sustainable way using our SSF Method for online lead generation. 

We've now helped tens of thousands of entrepreneurs grow their business. I'm looking forward to the possibility of working with you as well. 

Facebook now has 1.8 billion users.

In 2016, it took 9 months for Facebook to go from 3 million advertisers to 4 million.

It took 10 years to get to 3 million.

Facebook Advertising is changing incredibly quickly.

What was once a barren wasteland for advertising online has now become a true “science”.

In 2017, it’s only going to get more competitive.

Those who know the method behind the madness will be able to grow their businesses exponentially, like never before.

With a platform that micro-target with such precision and a system that can be measured down to the cent, we are truly in a time where advertising for any type of business has never been easier.


Here are my predictions for 2017 for businesses generating less than $5,000,000 and using Facebook Advertising.
These will apply to most other paid platforms as well.

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In 2016, we grew from 3 million advertisers to 4 million.

We’ve seen the average cost per 1,000 impressions (how many times an ad was shown) in Q2 to Q3 increase by 63% worldwide (as high as 142% in Australia).

Facebook has openly said they will “run out” of advertising placements by Q2 of 2017.

Facebook will surpass 2 billion users by the end of 2017. With an audience that spans both young and old, who spend an average of 20-30 minutes on the site…

Well, it’s about to get even more expensive.

There is no other advertising medium that can be so specific and measurable and with “big brands” and marketing agencies deferring their failing ad budgets from TV and traditional advertising to online, ad prices are going to spike as competition dramatically increases.

What does this mean?

For you and me, the “little” guys, it means that we have to be far more strategic with our advertising dollars. It’s not the fact that we can’t succeed, it’s just the fact that we have to focus on the experience of lead generation, audience building and selling.

We can’t just “go” for the sale, or as we talk about in the SSF Method, we can’t go directly to the Fast Lane.

It’s too expensive.

Facebook is an interruption marketing engine.

No one is searching for us.

They “stumble” upon us.

This means meeting people who have a low commitment to you and your brand. We have to meet them where we are and when we do, we can reduce our costs per conversion, lead and sale.

However, I believe 2017 will see the “death” of the traditional marketing funnel, unless you can back it up with a very large advertising spend.


This is already possible, however, it really hasn’t “stuck” just yet.

Think about this…

Would you target someone who has spent 10 minutes on your website differently from someone who has been there for 20 seconds?

Would you target someone differently if they showed up to 3 of your webinars, but haven’t bought yet?

Would you target someone differently if they are a customer of yours, but just not ready to buy your flagship?

Would you target someone differently based on their age, their interest, if they are male or female?

We know that personalized advertising and micro-targeting is some of the most effective.

Take a look at this ad:











During a sale of our beta webinar program, it generated 9 sales of $397 for a cost of $30.01. It was only shown to those who were on the sales page for over 2 minutes, which was less than 200 people.

That’s a 4.5% conversion rate for less cost than a steak dinner.

That’s the power of micro-targeting.

If you’re interested in micro-targeting check out ConnectAudience and ConnectRetarget, they are two must have tools.


Focus on Awareness & Audience Advertising

Advertisement Placement Variations

The majority of entrepreneurs and marketers are obsessed with being able to get a lot of “leads”, but in 2017 and beyond, we are going to see a gigantic shift toward diving deeper with a smaller audience.

Lead generation is going to see a push as a secondary part of being able to engage new audiences. People are going to start finally understanding that being able to get someone’s attention and being RELEVANT is much more important than just getting an email address or a lead.

This is going to create a situation where our advertising pyramid will be used much more effectively, allowing for more budget spend on content marketing and audience building and trust.


Incredible Increase in Cost

In a report released by Facebook, it said one of it’s greatest threats is the inability create new advertising spaces on Facebook.

Simply put, they’re literally running out of room.

Thus, you’re going to see an increase on extensions for Facebook…

Expect to see a “double down” effect for…

  • Instant Articles

  • Audience Network (with improved audience controls and desktop version)

  • Advertising inside of Messenger

  • Further Advertising (and interactive advertising) on Instagram

You will also see that Facebook will continue to favor advertising types that are more highly engaging for their audience.

This includes advertising like Facebook Canvas, Live Streaming Video, Messenger Ads and Instant Articles.

The more time that your advertising engages someone on their site, the higher chance that they will get paid for the advertising, increasing their profitability.

This means that our ability to “sell” directly on Facebook will become extremely limited, unless we are using very well-placed micro-targeting.


Mobile-First Advertising

Death of the "Ad"

Rise of Video

Nearly 80% of all advertising revenue generated by Facebook is happening on the mobile device. More people are using mobile phones as their regular and only device.

This means that designing our landing pages and websites for the desktop first will cost us a lot of money.

You must invest in being “mobile-first”... your landing pages, your emails, your entire marketing funnel must be designed from the ground up to be based on the majority of your market, instead of the typical “desktop” that it’s probably based on.


Instead of direct advertising, using the SSF Method, we are going to see far more marketers, advertisers and entrepreneurs attempting to engage their audiences with authenticity and trust.

This will also increase Facebook’s ranking of their advertising, greatly reducing the cost. Ironically, people are avoiding ads that feel like ads more and more. In order to be successful, we need to be relevant.

It’s truly the year of human experience marketing, attempting to engage the user. Direct marketing techniques will continue to be greatly ineffective.

You will see less direct product advertising.

You will see less direct webinar advertising and marketing.

And Facebook will favor those who are willing to invest, not just in direct lead generation and advertising, but on the other elements discussed in this article.

The only place you will see direct “advertising” is retargeted Fast Lane advertising for those who have already been through a full funnel. 

Over the past number of years, we’ve seen the rise of video. Now that bandwidth is no longer a concern, and with services like Live Video and Snapchat growing more popular, we are finally starting to see video take over.

Facebook is pushing LIVE video more than anything we’ve ever seen.

When split testing our Facebook Videos with Facebook Live Videos, we’ve seen 3x-8x higher reach as well as higher engagement and sharing.

The beauty of video on Facebook is that you’re able to retarget people based on their viewing history.

That means that I can show you a new video based on the engagement of a series of videos beforehand.

And the pixeling ratio is nearly 100%.

That essentially means that because Facebook is keeping you inside their platform, as entrepreneurs we can be certain that we’re targeting EXACTLY who we need to be, at the right time.

Think about it…

How would you target someone who watched your ENTIRE video, versus, say just 10 seconds of it?

The video that isn’t “produced” is performing best.

People will watch “authentic and real” over “production” quality.

That means, you don’t have to spend $50,000 on production of “great” video.

Instead, focus on great content.   


1-to-1 Levereged Intimacy

If you want to be top of mind, it means that someone needs to feel “intimacy”. This requires a level of human interaction.

This means inviting messages from those who you are advertising to, it means replying to their comments, it means that your customer support person will now spend time on Facebook, it means that your marketing budget and customer service budget will be combined.

Don’t worry… it doesn’t take THAT much time and the ROI is massive.

When someone has their comment replied to, or their message responded to, they feel connection.

Once that connection is established, it creates incredible relevance, trust and instant likeability.

Simply put, Facebook Advertising is changing extremely quickly. What consumers and businesses expect is unprecedented.

In a society,where we can order a car and it’s here in 3 minutes or where we can order food from any of 400 restaurants...in a world where we have “options”, customer experience will be king.

And the requirement for us to rely upon experience BEFORE someone is a customer has never been this great.

It’s why now is the most important moment in history to implement our 3 lane methodology. Without it, the ability to generate qualified leads will not only be radically more expensive, but you simply won’t be able to get Facebook Ads to work.

And remember… each and every day that you wait, it becomes more and more expensive.

It’s only going to become more difficult.

However, if you master it...

Imagine life with an audience of raving fans.

Imagine having hundreds of new leads on a weekly basis.

Imagine leveling up your business this year with it.

Ready to dive in?

Let’s get started. 

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